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Insurance Experts for Printing & Copying Businesses

  • In a printing or copying business, it’s essential that your equipment stay in working order and that your customers can safely and easily access your storefront. If something should happen to one of your machines or one of your customers, your business could face serious consequences.
  • Why? A broken machine can prevent you from earning revenue. If a customer suffers an injury at your place of business, he or she might bring a lawsuit against your business seeking damages. Even if a court determines that you and your business were not ultimately liable for those injuries, you’ll need to finance your legal defense, which can be a major expense.
  • At insureon, we have experts in finding insurance for printing & copying businesses. Let our agents help you find the insurance policy that will protect your printing or copying business.

Insurance Options for Printing & Copying Businesses

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Printing & Copying Businesses: Coverage Types

You’ll find that we have several coverage options to offer your printing and copying business.

General Liability Insurance for Printing & Copying Professionals

Regardless of industry, nearly every business can benefit from carrying General Liability Insurance. This kind of coverage protects your business against claims that it caused property damage or injury to one of your customers. Benefits from a General Liability policy will cover court costs associated with defending yourself against claims that your business caused damage as well as any fees, settlements, or judgments you are found responsible for paying.

Even if you maintain your printing or copying shop in top condition, customer error can lead to injuries or equipment breakdowns that could trigger a lawsuit or expensive repair or replacement costs. The coverage provided by your General Liability Insurance would allow you to keep your shop operating no matter what unforeseen events occurred.

Professional Liability Insurance/ Errors & Omissions Coverage for Printing & Copying Professionals

Your expertise is what allows you to serve your clients and provide them with the best printed materials available. But even the most careful printing and copying professionals can make mistakes. And unhappy customers are increasingly prone to initiating lawsuits, regardless of whether you actually made any errors.

Errors and Omissions Insurance (also known as Professional Liability Insurance) protects you in the event that a customer initiates a lawsuit alleging that your professional work caused him or her a financial loss. When you face such charges, your E&O Insurace pays for the costs of your legal defense and settlement or judgment costs up to your policy’s limit.

Keep in mind that, even if you are confident in the printing or copying work you do, a dissatisfied customer could bring a frivolous lawsuit against your business. Even if you are not found liable for the charges brought against you, the cost of defending yourself in court could easily climb into the tens of thousands of dollars. Your Errors and Omissions policy would pay those costs so that they don’t have to come from your business’s coffers.

Property Insurance/ Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) for Printing & Copying Businesses

The Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) offered by insureon combines General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance into a single, affordable package. For many printing and copying businesses, a BOP is sufficient to guard against the main risks involved in running the business. If you qualify for a BOP, it could cover you for theft of and damage to your equipment, as well as claims that customers experienced physical injuries on your business premises.

Ask one of insureon’s printing and copying insurance specialists to determine whether a BOP could protect your business from the main risks it faces.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Printing & Copying Businesses

If you employ anyone else at your printing or copying business, you may be required to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance. In fact, in some states, you’re required to have Workers’ Comp coverage even if you are the sole proprietor of your business.

In the event that one of your employees becomes ill or injured while performing their job, and initiates legal action against your business for causing the illness or injury, your Workers’ Compensation Insurance would kick in to cover the costs of your legal defense as well as any settlement costs (such as the cost of medical bills for the injured employee). In addition, many Workers’ Comp policies offer payment for wages employees are not able to earn during the time they are unable to work because of their illness or injury.

One important question to ask your insureon agent is whether your policy covers independent contractors (1099 workers) you employ. Most policies cover full- and part-time employees (classified as W2s), but if you have other types of workers, you may need to cover them as well.

Tips for Printing & Copying Professionals

Maintain your equipment carefully.

Whether you have a storefront where clients can use equipment or you are the only one operating your gear, it’s a good idea to perform regular maintenance to catch small problems before they become big. Correcting smaller issues will typically save you money on repairs, whether or not they are covered by your General Liability Insurance.

Ensure that your work environment is safe for any customers or clients who will be in it.

The presence of copying or printing equipment typically means that there’s a chance for tripping and other injuries. Making regular checks that your storefront is clear of debris and easy to navigate will help prevent the type of incidents that could lead to injury lawsuits.

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